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Neon Wilderness


Dear Conrad,

I can't thank you enough about yesterday.  I have been listening to the CD over and over and I love it!  Blake hasn't heard it yet but he called me this morning and said he really appreciated you helping him with his drum set.  He loves how they sound now.  I honestly want to get this CD out and share the tunes with others. I want to do a west coast tour hopefully in the spring.  Thank you for the RealTime card.

 I would have to say that this is the first recording that I am very proud of and I'm honored that you were a part of it.  Thanks again for your advise and recommendations about the tunes.  It's cool to hear them evolve.  Recording at Egg felt like being

amongst good friends.  Great vibes all around.  We want to record with you again sometime in the future...Again, this was the best recording experience ever!  I am very excited about the CD!


I hope to see you soon.


Enjoy your day,




Back to Egg Studios




The Erg's (New Jerseys finest)




I am quite drunk right now, but nevertheless I feel the compulsion to thank you for working with us nigh on a month ago.  Just listened to the record again a few days back and it's definitely the best thing we've ever done.  We benefited greatly from your direction in places and more importantly your overall way of doing things.  The people we've let listen to the mixes really like them.  We really enjoyed working with you and hope to do so again in the future.  We talked to the label guy (Ken over at Dirtnap Records www.dirtnaprecs.com) and he says it should be out by February.  Hope to see you again in the coming years.





Back to Egg Studios




Paper Dolls


YES< thank you everyone for an amazing experience. My best and most favorite session and recordings ever made.  I refer to this time as the lovefest. It is especially appropriate since I couldn’t get out bed for a whole day after.


 Love you all and a very, very special thank you to Conrad for making it all possible. You are awesome Conrad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love and more love,




 From: Ben Thompson [mailto:benth@stobor.com]

Sent: Tuesday, September 19, 2006 2:14 PM




 Melanie, thanks for bringing the CD over - it sounds GREAT!!


 I'll repeat what I said: I've never had so much fun in the studio, and I've never had anything I've worked on turn out this well. You all sang, played guitars and bass, and hit the tambourine really, really well. Thanks also for doing the mixing without me. I felt bad about leaving 'cause I was having fun, but mixing just freaks me out. I'll have to work on that. It sounds great, though!


 Especially big thanks to Conrad for doing such great work. It was a really fun weekend--thanks for having us in there!





Ockham's Razor


Mister Uno,


 We can't stop listening to our demo!  You've truly

 done an amazing job on our sound and we wanted to

 thank you for all your hard work, professionalism and

 patience in helping us out on our first steps.


 All of us have conglomerately agreed that you have an

 official place in the Ockham's Razor family and our



 Best to you and hope to be working with you again



 Ockham's Razor



Back to Egg Studios





Heartbreak USA 

hi conrad!

 thank you so much for helping us get the recording together this

 weekend. you did such a great job with us, making us sound our absolute

 best! we're all so greatful to you. and the tequila didn't hurt any either!


 layne already has two of the songs up on our website and so far today

 i've ALREADY heard back from people who are loving the songs!


 here's a copy of what went out only a couple hours ago. it contains our

 web address, if you care to check it out yourself. scroll down. you'll

 see it there in blue.


 it's was a pleasure working with you again conrad. and, as soon as we

 can bank roll some more cash, we'll be back in to fry some more eggs!


 thanks a million! viva la mexico! (y la tequilla!)




 ps: as soon as we get it into some sort of format, we'll send you a

 "pretty" copy.


 Georgetown: It’s Your Town and My Town.


 Fine. Let the yuppies move into Belltown and destroy all our low-rent

 dives. They can have ‘em. We’ve got a new place to call home, Georgetown.


 “Also, I thought you might like to know . . . we got through 8 shit

 kickin’ tracks last weekend, in two-12 hours lock-outs with legendary,

 multi-platinum record producer, Conrad Uno. My 3rd time working with Uno

 made me wish it had been my 30th. Not only does the man appreciate fine

 tequila, but he conjured up and captured some pure magic that we hope to

 be able to share with you soon.”



 Back to Egg Studios



 Twink the Wonder Kid


Conrad, thanks again for making us sound like mean Rock & Roll dudes.

I don't think that I've ever had more fun recording.


Can't wait to get back to Egg & track more Rock songs....Eric - twink the

wonder kid



Mabel Dodge


The mix is golden! We are pleased and ready to master

that baby.

We will not be purchasing the reels - they're free for

the future sounds of now.


Thanks again. Always a pleasure recording at the Egg.

You will be hearing from us again.


Mike Hlatky       --- Mabel Dodge



Back to Egg Studios







     I'd like to personally thank you for the recording for us. It turned out better than we ever thought it could. YOU THE MAN!!! Enjoyed every moment, and you are one helluva bro.. Keep up the great work, and I look forward to recording with you once again in the future. Sorry for Skeeter's half full beer cans and foul mouth, and my rotten ass (I usually don't have that big of problem, but once I stepped foot into your studio, my stomach just starts bubbling), I'll send ya a fresh can of Glade... Rock-N-Roll. One more thing, Skeeter thinks it sounds "Tittie"....






Hey there, just wanted to say thanks again for the fun time at EGG.  We had a great time (thanks for the sessions) and the recording is very proper, rocking- yep!  You are the man!!       SEDITIONARIES



Irish Experience


Hey, Conrad.  Happy Saint Patrick's Day!  Just wanted to let you know

 that that little demo we made has been doing really well on iTunes.  We

 might even make another one:)


 Today, the Irish Experience is listed at #6 in the iTunes World Music

 album chart.  We're rated just behind the soundtrack from Life Aquatic

 and ahead of most of our heroes:)


 We also have two tunes in the World Music song charts: Morrison's Jig at

 #23 and Pipe on the Hob/Hag at the Churn at #57.



 Joe Bowbeer


Back to Egg Studios